As an international and multilingual university, we value the capacity to speak more than one language fluently. These courses enhance your ability to live and study in France, to understand the links between language and culture, 提高你们想象一个相互依赖的世界的能力, 并寻求国际实习和职业生涯的机会.

为了满足这一要求, you will need to take two courses, FR1100和FR1200, coded CCF and representing 8 credits.


  • 你将能够与说法语的人进行有意义的互动,并获得在法语环境下进行日常个人和职业生活的基础.
  • 你将培养对法语和法语国家文化的欣赏能力,并意识到新环境中文化差异的范围, 有能力认识到这种分歧何时需要谈判.