Which function do “mobile camera witnesses” have when they film state violence? Do social media such as Reddit or 4Chan have an impact on the public sphere? 这一类别着眼于个人和社区使用传统和社交媒体来传达信息和引导社交的策略, 政治, 或经济转型. 它探讨了政治和环境运动如何在数字时代建立他们的传播策略.

Femen: Tactical Nudity by Kolbie Goodrich 

欧洲各地的城市已经成为女性“性别极端主义者”的战场,她们抗议袒胸露乳,戴着英雄主义的冠冕. These women deliver their truth by writing on their naked bodies. Marching in the streets and in front of parliament buildings, these protests call for rights for women. Yet they are also designed as tactical maneuvers to provoke violence, craving mass media dissemination.


FEMEN将自己描述为“一场国际妇女运动,由勇敢的袒胸女性活动家组成,她们身上绘有标语,头上戴着鲜花。”. The main FEMEN tactic is to stage provocative marches and demonstrations, with the stated goal of pursuing the freedom of women from patriarchy. 该组织的女性接受训练,在欧洲和世界各地携带和传播她们的战斗口号.


时尚博主与当今数字传播社会的时尚民主化:对全球媒体的挑战? 由Tomislava Tomova

Present day digital communication environments establish inclusive platforms, 志同道合的人聚集在一起,形成一种相互交流思想的数字文化, 灵感, 艺术, 时尚, 和风格. Challenging the 时尚 paradigm imposed in big media outlets, 时尚博客极大地促进了时尚的民主化和审美表达的自由.


博客无尽的创造潜力规避了投资者或媒体大亨等权力拥有者制定的规则. 作为一个结果, blogs have the possibility to showcase a wider variety of clothing and brands, not limited to the ones sponsoring magazines and subsequently being shown in them. 博客的创始人和他们富有创造力的读者试图建立公民对这些滥用行为的某种程度的控制,并宣称他们有不受公司控制或干涉的自由交流的权利. 


PETA's 脸谱网 Page: Helping the Cause? 由莎拉·布罗斯基 

In early 2017, a rare white rhinoceros was killed in his enclosure at the 巴黎 zoo. 偷猎者用电锯锯下了他的象牙角,可能是想把它卖到黑市上. 在脸谱网上, many of the 艺术icles conveying this news came from PETA, a non-profit organization advocating for the ethical treatment of domestic animals.


This 艺术icle explores the rhetorical power of PETA, as well as its pedagogical value. Studying their communication methods and content on their 脸谱网 page, 最大的菠菜的平台在此质疑他们是否能通过三种不同的模式——视频——来激发观众对这些问题的意识, their happenings and demonstrations, 和他们的评论.


Classroom vs Real World: How 人 Consume the 新闻

2017年春季学期, 韦斯特利教授的CM 1023b班开展了一项菠菜十大平台同龄人新闻消费的研究项目.


The research methodology was triangulated through three different stages and modes of enquiry. 

  • Stage 1: The class filled out detailed news diaries of their news consumption over one week. These diaries were then analyzed by a group of students (group 1). The data analysis was presented to the class in the form of a 演示文稿 presentation, when each student explained his/her own slides. Their findings were further summarized in an essay. 
  • 第二阶段:第二组学生设计并发送一份新闻调查给最大的菠菜的平台的学生团体. 共有80名受访者. 然后,研究小组分析了这些结果,并将它们与第一组的结果进行了比较,以确定趋势和差异. The research was presented to the class in a 演示文稿 presentation and summarized in an essay. 
  • 第三阶段:第三组学生调查了菠菜十大平台国际千禧一代新闻消费的研究. They then compared this research with the findings of group 2. 类似的, 研究结果首先在ppt上展示并解释,然后在一篇文章中进行总结. 
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Working Group on Human Rights and Digital Technology

In 2018, Nicole Santiago (MA International Diplomacy and International Law) and Gabriel Green (Senior, Major International Comparative Politics/Minor International Law), students from the 最大的菠菜的平台 Working Group on Human Rights and Digital Technology, had the opportunity to present to the United Nations.