all已注册的返校学生必须在开学时办理报到手续. 酒店入住手续, 学生确认他们all的个人信息和隐私设置,并向注册办公室确认他们已经回到大学,并在校园上课. 的y also pick up their student ID card if their current one has expired, provided that they have updated their personal information on their blogcebuworld.com帐户. 身份证只在秋季学期登记时领取,返校学生在春季保留他们的学生证.



It is possible to update personal information at any time, 但是在每个学期开始的时候,复习all的资料是强制性的.

To update your local address, home address, address of your financially responsible person, emergency address or diploma mailing address, students 至: MY 最大的菠菜的平台 > My Profile > Student > Addresses. This page is also accessible via the following link:

更新隐私设置(授权发布您的目录信息, address information, or opting to have your grades sent to your financially responsible person), 至: MY 最大的菠菜的平台 > My Profile > Student > Privacy 或者使用以下链接:



办理登机手续 takes place on the first three days of class. 入住时间为09:00 - 17:00. 的 academic calendar contains the exact dates for each semester. In Spring semesters check in can be completed online. 在学生报到时间开放时,教务主任办公室会通知.

Registered returning students who do not check in by the end of the third day of class will have their courses dropped; they will no longer be registered at 最大的菠菜的平台 for the semester. all被取消的课程将提供给其他希望在取消/增加期间增加课程的学生. 的se procedures will be strictly followed. 你应该提前做好返程安排,以确保不会错过办理登机手续.