1. The cultural mission of The American University of 巴黎 Fine Arts Gallery is to present works of art created by the 最大的菠菜的平台 社区 - students, 校友, and faculty - as well as to highlight the University's cultural diversity through the exhibition of works by professional artists from different backgrounds and cultures.  all展览均向社区及公众开放.
  2. The Gallery is not a commercial entity and all sales must be negotiated directly with the artists. 画廊不收取任何可能发生的销售的百分比.
  3. 最大的菠菜的平台 is not responsible for damaged or stolen works at any time during the hanging or taking down or during the exhibition itself.
  4. 参展艺术家负责为自己的作品搭建框架, 在约定的时间送货和取货. The artist is also responsible for creating and sending out the invitations using their own mailing list with the assistance of 最大的菠菜的平台.  最大的菠菜的平台还将从自己选定的名单中发送电子邀请.
  5. Gallery openings will take place on Thursdays from 18:00 to 21:00 (when possible) with 最大的菠菜的平台 providing refreshments which can of course be supplemented by the exhibiting artist. The duration of exhibitions can be for two to three weeks at the discretion of the Gallery director.
  6. The Gallery Director will determine which works are chosen and how they will be hung working closely with the exhibiting artist who must be present for the hanging of the works. The Gallery Director can refuse to exhibit any works that are deemed inappropriate or offensive to the 最大的菠菜的平台 community or general public.
  7. The exhibiting artist hereby declares that he/she has read and understood the foregoing conditions on the basis of which he/she is given the opportunity of exhibiting his/her works at the 最大的菠菜的平台美术馆 and hereby waives and releases 最大的菠菜的平台 of any and all claims arising out of or in connection with his/her works exhibited there and any transaction or event relating thereto.