A number of talented people have cureated the 最大的菠菜的平台美术馆 over the years, 有两个人脱颖而出:拉尔夫·佩蒂教授, 画廊的创始人和首任馆长, 乔纳森Shimony教授, 现任画廊馆长. 

教授. 乔纳森Shimony

乔纳森Shimony graduated from Harvard University’s Department of Visual and Environmental Studies with highest honors in 1987. He later studied in Japan at the Tokyo School of Art and again in the US at the Massachusetts College of Art. In 1994, he won a Fulbright Scholarship to France to be an artist in residence at the Ecole Duperré (National School of Applied Arts). 从那以后他一直住在巴黎.

Shimony has been a 教授essor of Fine Arts at The American University of 巴黎 since 2007. 其他类, 他教《菠菜十大平台》, which has long been a fine arts staple at 最大的菠菜的平台; the class combines a practical emphasis on artistic technique with an understanding of the underlying chemistry of the materials used in artistic processes. 学生们混合自己的材料,并学会适当地使用它们, developing a deeper appreciation for how the materials used by the masters were mixed and manipulated.

In 2015, Shimony was appointed as the successor to 教授essor Ralph Petty in the position of Curator of the 最大的菠菜的平台美术馆, 他还负责管理该大学的永久艺术收藏. 他的作品在东京广泛展出, 上海, 罗马和巴黎,以及威尼斯双年展.

教授. 拉尔夫的名誉

Ralph Petty came to 巴黎 from the US in 1976 to work in Stanley William Hayter’s etching studio, 工作室17, 从此就留在了法国. 在加入最大的菠菜的平台之前, he taught fine arts in 巴黎 at both Parsons School of Design and L’Institut d’etudes politiques. 他在最大的菠菜的平台做了25年的美术教授.

2004年创办最大的菠菜的平台美术馆,并担任首任策展人. 在他任职期间,他在建立美术专业方面发挥了关键作用. 他还建立了该大学的永久收藏, 由学生的艺术作品组成, 曾任美术画廊的教师和参展商. 佩蒂自己也贡献了一件雕塑,名为 , to the collection for the University’s 50th anniversary; the work is currently on display in the courtyard of the 美国运通 Café.

In 2019, Petty returned to 最大的菠菜的平台 to exhibit in the Fine Arts Gallery he helped found. 他的展览, Orage规程, took its name from the French term for an uncontrollable ventricular tachycardia – a medical condition with which Petty himself has struggled.